Ceramic Decorative


Italian Ceramic Centerpiece Urn - DR ORO
Beautiful Gold Leaf Painted Jar/Urn -D.R. Oro Style - 14.25 inches high x 7.25 inches diameter (36cm x 18cm)
Italian Ceramic Centerpiece Urn - Ricco Vario
Beautiful Mantel/Centerpiece Urn - Ricco Vario Decoration - Dimensions: 11 inches high x 7.5 inches wide (28cm x 19cm). Holds 88 ounces (158 cubic inches or 2.6 Quarts)
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Italian Ceramic Centerpiece Urn - Red Sunflowers
Beautiful Mantel/Centerpiece Urn - Red Sunflower Decoration - Dimensions: 9.25 inches high x 5.5 inches wide (23cm x 14cm). Holds 48 ounces (90 cubic inches or 1.5 Quarts)
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